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Leadership Does

Sam Davidson's newest book is all about how leaders take action to change the world. Look for it this fall.

In a world where we're increasingly told that "Leadership is..." and then left to fill in the blank (crucial, innovative, imperative, fun, hard work), it's time that we get rid of the adjectives and look for verbs. The time has come for leaders who do.

Sam Davidson's newest book, Leadership Does, is all about action and has a prescription for those of us who dream of leading by doing. After all, elections and appointments rarely make leaders. The best leaders we all admire seem to have been forged in the fire of action, learning by doing, and improving lives by taking the deliberate steps to lead and lead well.

Leadership Does is a manifesto for this new generation of active leaders. Combining his signature style of storytelling, humor, easy-to-remember quotes, and practical how-to steps, Sam Davidson pieces together a way that any of us can be inspired to take the very important steps needed to stand up, stand out, and lead others.

Ultimately, Leadership Does will force you to think about your legacy as a leader, one that will not be written in stone on a monument, but rather one that will be written on the hearts of those who come after you. It's a book you'll want to re-read every year, gleaning new knowledge each successive time through that you can apply at work, at home, and in your community. Leadership Does is the perfect companion for the new leader, the recent graduate, the seasoned employee, and the daring entrepreneur. 

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