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Sam Davidson is a keynote speaker at conferences, conventions, and colleges about how anyone can take an idea and turn it into reality. His messages focus on story telling, entrepreneurship, leadership, service, innovation and how you can have a better impact through each.

As a social entrepreneur, consultant, father, and author, Sam knows the unique challenges faced by anyone trying to chase down a dream and live a meaningful life. His talks are funny, uplifting, full of energy, and focused on actionable steps so attendees can take what he says and use it in their own personal and professional lives.

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Above all, Sam's messages are always uniquely tailored to the audience and the event so that listeners get a speech that is fresh and perfect for who they are and where they are in life, making sure they talk about what they heard, long after he finishes speaking.

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Sam's most popular keynote speeches

Once Upon a Time: How and why leaders must become great storytellers

In order to be effective, leaders must lead with passion, conviction, and determination. And the best leaders make sure to instill values and goals at every level of the organization to ensure long term success. Based upon his own experience as an entrepreneur, author, and professional speaker - and drawing upon the wisdom of others - Davidson will share tips and strategies that will allow anyone to determine where to invest time and energy as a leader, how to share a leadership story that inspires, and how one can measure his or her impact as a leader.

What We Repeatedly Do: Choosing Excellence Every Day

Choosing excellence everyday can get lost in the details of work, life, and everything in between. That why, in this high-energy and practical session, Davidson will share the hallmarks of organizations that are succeeding in the marketplace and winning the war for talent due to their culture and commitment to excellence. Davidson will walk attendees through case studies and proven methods so that those in attendance will be able to apply what he shares to strengthen their teams. Ultimately, attendees will leave with practical, actionable ideas they can apply no matter their job title, pay grade, or career ambitions so that their teams and companies achieve successful and excellent results day in and day out.

How to Lead Different: The hallmarks of servant leadership

Today’s leaders - whether they’re leading legacy companies or helming a fastgrowing startup - must understand people as much as they understand balance sheets, supply chains, or strategic planning. But how can leaders who have focused on a bottom line for so long begin to look at the return on their biggest asset: human capital? In this keynote speech that brings the human side of management to the forefront, Sam Davidson challenges his listeners to begin to think differently about how they are recruiting, onboarding, training, managing, and challenging employees. Drawing upon examples from the worlds of servant leadership, entrepreneurship, media, art, and big business, Davidson provides key lessons that can be implemented immediately in nearly every workplace.

Better. Together.

The more the merrier, right? Only if we all know how to work together. In a world where it seems like so many of us must do so much more with so much less, the only way to accomplish personal, organizational, or societal dreams is by working together, building alliances, and sharing resources. In this energetic and informative presentation, Davidson will share not just why we must begin working together in such a critical areas, but how we can do that. Drawing upon personal experience and proven examples from the worlds of media, nonprofit work, business, sports, and the arts, Davidson will show how humans were made to work together and how working together drastically increases outcomes for all involved.

How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Perfect for an corporate or professional audience (regardless of industry), Davidson shares key tips and insights that will help anyone take an idea and turn it into reality. This talk fits perfectly for industries and companies that want to encourage employees not to start their own venture, but use proven principles of entrepreneurship and apply them to new product launches, to increase innovation internally, or to enter a new market.

Putting the "Human" Back in Human Resources

A talk that fits perfectly at HR conferences (national or regional) or inside any large corporation, Sam Davidson shares why all organizations need to get back to the heart of what drives them: people. Helping listeners avoid the three "sins" of HR (abstraction, silence, and conformity), he shows them how very quickly they can reclaim the people side of their business by focusing on the three virtues: community, independence, and identity.

Making a Living: Entrepreneurship with heart, mind, and soul

Equal parts primer, inspiration source, and field manual, Making a Living is an honest look at what it takes to create something new in America today. This talk analyzes the rapidly growing world of entrepreneurship and helps any aspiring or current entrepreneur consider their (potential) work in terms of three key ingredients:

  1. Heart (your passion - what keeps you going when it’s tough)

  2. Mind (your talent - what can earn you money)

  3. Soul (your purpose - what makes it more than a job)

Rest assured: this talk is not for those purely interested in business or commercial entrepreneurship for a potential career. Because of its three core areas (heart, mind, soul), it is also suited for social entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders, volunteer leaders, and anyone who wants to take their passionate idea and bring it into reality. The principles needed to start a million-dollar company are remarkable similar to the ones needed to start a neighborhood clean up day, youth soccer camp, or campus wide fundraiser.

Millennials and Entrepreneurship

Today's Millennial generation looks to have the highest number of entrepreneurs in history. With access to cheaper and better tools, an uncertain economic outlooks, and entrepreneurs who are cherished as celebrities, is it any wonder young people are starting (multiple) companies by the time they begin college? In this talk, Sam Davidson shared data, stats, and anecdotes related to young people and entrepreneurship. This speech is perfect for civic leaders looking to attract young talent to their cities or college faculty trying to understand how they can help student entrepreneurs.

Cool People Care: Saving the World with Your Day Job

As a dedicated social entrepreneur, Sam Davidson understands the potential of business to make a measurable difference in the world. Drawing upon his experience as the co-founder and CEO of Cool People Care, Sam shares what sets a social business apart from business-as-usual and why we need more passionate do-gooders wiling to grow companies that stand the test of time. Sam also shares the ups and downs of social enterprise and holds nothing back when it comes to the challenges that and social entrepreneur faces when he or she is ready to plan, launch, and grow a social enterprise.

Simplify Your Life: Discover and Do What Matters

Based on Sam Davidson's popular book, this keynote speech shares practical tips for leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers to reclaim time and energy in order to focus on what's most important at work and at home. Sam shares key lessons about clutter, busts myths about passion, and approaches the concept of work/life balance in a whole new way. Attendees leave this talk with proven steps to take in order to say "Yes!" to opportunities for growth and advancement while steering clear of distractions and disappointment.

What My 2nd Grade Girlfriend Taught Me About Leadership

Whether you're a new leader or an experienced veteran, leadership is urgent work. Good leaders are those who make the most of their time at the helm to motivate others to join the cause, replicate themselves in order to grow a large movement, and end up accomplishing great things. In this highly energetic and honest talk about leadership, Sam shares why leaders have a core story they use in order to attract new followers, why the work of leadership often looks like cleaning up, and what legacy means for today's leaders. 

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