Sam Davidson is a speaker, author, and social entrepreneur, helping people discover their life's work.

For nearly a decade, Sam Davidson has been starting companies and helping people launch their big idea into the world. He knows how exciting, powerful, meaningful, tiring, and stressful starting a company or leading people can be. (Read his full bio here.)

This blog is Davidson's honest look at what it means to navigate work and life in order to find your life's work. He calls these opportunities "slow companies" - like the slow food movement, Davidson believes that the best and most meaningful companies take time to develop, require a piece of you in order to stand out, and are the ones that allow you to have the work and life you've always dreamed of. 

When not writing on this blog and overseeing Batch, Cool People Care, or Onward, Davidson travels and speaks to college students, nonprofit professionals, or business audiences about leadership, entrepreneurship, service, and the impact that slow companies can have on the world. 


Sam Davidson speaks to colleges, conferences, conventions and companies about leadership, community engagement, and entrepreneurship. Blending humor, motivation, and inspiration with practical advice, his keynote speeches are tailored for any audience that needs to leave excited to go and do something that matters.


Sam Davidson is the author of three books: New Day Revolution: How to save the world in 24 hours (2007, Xyzzy); 50 Things Your Life Doesn't Need (2010, Turner); and Simplify Your Life: How to de-stress an de-clutter your way to happiness (2011, Turner). All three books are available online through Amazon or Cool People Care.


In order to stay motivated and inspired to lead well and do work that matters, you can subscribe to Sam's blog posts via email. And, you can also keep up with Sam's thoughts and what he's reading online via Facebook or following him on Twitter.


Sam Davidson responds to each contact request and is always happy to meet over a good cup of coffee. Whether you'd like Sam to speak at your event, are interested in bulk orders of any of his books, or are an entrepreneur on the verge of a breakdown, send Sam an email and he'll be in touch very soon.

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