Show and Tell

Every Thursday at school, my daughter has show and tell. Some days, it's easy for her to choose something from home to take and share; other days are a bit more difficult in coming up with an idea.

Why did we stop show and tell once we grew up? Why don't we still find time each week to show our colleagues and friends, our neighbors and family what it is we're working on or we're proud of?

Forcing ourselves to sift through our work and hopes each week can be a great exercise for us, making us create and come up with something that's worth the attention of others. 

And listening to what our peers and loved ones are spending time doing gives us a deeper understanding of what's possible together.




The Myth of Until

Don't let your biggest ambitions get lost in that fictional place named Until.

  • Until I make the right connection, I'll never get the job of my dreams.
  • Until I jump through those hoops, they'll never ask me to contribute.
  • Until I get that degree, I won't be able to climb the ladder.
  • Until I lose weight, no one will appreciate me.
  • Until I move to that city, I won't feel like I belong.
  • Until I make a bunch of money, I won't be happy.

Sometimes Until matters, but it matters far less often than we think.

Walk away from Until as much as possible. When you do, you'll be taking steps towards where you really want to be.

From Good to Excellent

There's a lot of good in the world, but there's not a lot of excellent.

I bet you're good at a lot of things and in most cases, good will be more than what you need to get by.

But sometimes, you'll need excellent to stand out, get the job, grow the idea, or accomplish some big dream. 

And I think you get to excellent not by leaping and bounding, but in small and deliberate steps. 

Doing the thing right. Dedicating yourself to detail. Evaluating yourself accurately and completely. Asking for feedback. Trying it all again. Polishing, refining, correcting, improving, and pushing.

These are the steps to excellent that so many people skip past, content to journey toward good.

There is a very fine line between good and excellent, but we know it when we've crossed it.