The One

You will probably have lots of jobs in your life. You'll also probably have lots of friends, lots of volunteer opportunities, lots of business ideas, and lots of vacations. 

But most of us will get a shot at just one legacy.

One story that's left behind. One thing we're known for doing, inventing, inspiring, or making. 

Small decisions matter because they play a part in shaping this legacy. So, as you decide, recognize the power you have in building something bigger. 

You're not applying to jobs, thinking about starting a company, looking for love, or donating money. You're leaving your legacy.

Three Questions That Lead to Innovation

If you're looking to rock the boat, shake things up, or see if you and your team can pull off the next big thing, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Can we do it faster? What would happen if you sped things up? Brought the product to market quicker? Found a faster route to new customers?
  2. Who can we work with? Who else needs to be a part of this? What relationships can we leverage to grow our success? Anyone else who we can reach out to for help or advice?
  3. How can we make it last? What will extend the product life? How can we ensure we stay relevant? What should we do that will help our company stand the test of time?

These questions work for your small group, your church, your company, your fraternity, or your nonprofit. Innovation can and should happen in many places, and it usually only happens when we're willing to ask the important (and often tough) questions.