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There's Not an App for That

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I was waiting to get off a plane. Or maybe waiting to board one. Same difference. 

(BTW: It’s a scientific fact that how humans get on an off an airplane negates any sort of proof of evolution. For some reason, we are neither quick nor efficient when it comes to stowing luggage, knowing who’s turn it is to exit their row, or even keep things moving along.)

Photo by chinaface/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by chinaface/iStock / Getty Images

So as I was standing there, I was going over my to-do list in my head. I looked at my phone. I thought, “It would be great if I had an app so I could be more productive during these eight minutes I’m just standing here."


Or I could talk to someone. I could help someone with a bag. I could say hello. I could make a new airplane or airport friend. I could make a real human connection. 

When was the last time you did that? Traded productivity for connectivity? 

Each time I’ve done it, I’ve never regretted it.

Take It Out and Frame It

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A new friend and I were chatting last week. She was talking about art. The conversation went to photographs. Then memories and moments.

She says that when she finds a great picture in a book, she takes it out and frames it. Cut up the book. Slap the image in a frame and that way you can be inspired or touched each time you pass it. You can’t do this when the book is closed and sitting on a shelf.

The same goes for moments. Shared conversations. Eye contact. Spontaneous plans in a big city at 1 AM. 

Photo by Digital Vision./Digital Vision / Getty Images

Photo by Digital Vision./Digital Vision / Getty Images

If you could frame a moment, it would be those. No need for pictures. Just keep it in your heart, assuming you look there most often. 

Pics With Sam (#picswithsam)

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I started a new thing this year. Yeah, I start stuff (that’s kind of my thing, I think), but this one is personal and fun. 

Whenever I have a meal or drink with someone and share a great conversation, I snap a picture and post it on Instagram with the tag #picswithsam.

This is how I’m tracking stories and memories this year. I’m wanting to dive deeper in my chats with people and want to acknowledge the time they offer me so we can catch up or chase an idea together. 

A few requirements:

  • I have to already know you. No pictures at our first meeting together.
  • We gotta eat or drink something. Otherwise, why are we getting together? 

It’s playful, but it’s meaningful. The best things usually are. 

What are you doing this year to play? To commemorate? To remember?

12 Trash Cans

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I was at Disney World last week. While drinking my morning coffee outside in one of the public walkway areas, I looked and from where I was seated, I counted 12 trash cans or recycling bins, all within eyeshot. 

Rumor has it that years ago Disney (maybe Walt himself) commissioned a study and found out that 20 paces was the average distance a person would walk with a piece of trash in her hand before they got tired of looking for a receptacle and just decided to litter instead. So now, (allegedly) you’ll find a trash can at least every 20 feet or so at every Disney theme park or hotel.

Meaning, you can shape the behavior you’re after. Whether it’s from your employees, your customers, your fans, or your friends, if you want people to change or help you or do something great for themselves, you can help enable that. We’re not talking about brainwashing or behavior control. We’re talking about helping someone. Making something easier and better.

And not just for them - for you. Isn’t it great when helping someone also helps you?

Get Outta There

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The best singer in the world was sitting beside me at Starbucks yesterday.

The most talented architect was on my flight yesterday.

The best restauranteur was emailing me the other day. 

And the most incredible, world famous teacher sent me a text. 

At least, that could have been the case. Each had the potential for that level of greatness. But they’d never realize it (and the world would never know it) if they didn’t do something to get that potential out of them and into the world.

Something is inside of you. Something great. When will it come out?

Photo by Sergey Nivens/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Sergey Nivens/iStock / Getty Images