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When is Rehearsal?

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It’s one thing to simply want to take the stage and speak or sing or lead.

But have you blocked off time on your calendar to practice all that? No matter how big you dream or how great you've become, I need to know: when is rehearsal

Photo by trekandshoot/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by trekandshoot/iStock / Getty Images

No hugely popular band or speaker debuted to a packed arena. They didn’t even start out doing their thing in front of a handful of disinterested coffee shop patrons.

They began with rehearsal. And the best ones still make time for practice. 

When are your rehearsal nights? Where and how often can I find you practicing, getting better at what it is you do?

Hey! Hey! Lookie Here! (or don’t)

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I got a new phone two months ago. When I did, I didn’t automatically import all of my existing apps. I was deliberate about what I wanted on my new device.

And I didn’t put Facebook on there. My wife offered up such a suggestion. It’s brilliant.

I used to not have the Facebook app on my phone - back in 2008 - and I got along just fine. The same holds true now seven years later.

You know what else I didn’t do? I turned off my notifications. No buzzes or beeps for emails, calls, text messages, or updates. My life is quieter now. More productive. A bit more balanced. 

Photo by KIVILCIM PINAR/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by KIVILCIM PINAR/iStock / Getty Images

If you’re rushing to tend to the five inch rectangle that seems to dominate your life now and you’d prefer a different way to live, the power to change that is in your hands

You don’t need to check Facebook and Twitter as if you’re looking for signs of life in a patient. - Skip Prichard

Okay with Stupid

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When you don’t know something, I’d challenge you to ask one simple question:

Will you teach me?

Photo by moodboard/moodboard / Getty Images

Photo by moodboard/moodboard / Getty Images

If someone declines that offer, bid them adieu. If people are unwilling to share or instruct, why keep listening?

But the good ones are willing to teach. Ask them to help you understand. And when they do their instructing, sit patiently at their feet. 

What could you soak up if you asked at least one person each day this week, “Will you teach me?"

Sure, this admits your ignorance. Which is the first step toward admitting your desire to be smart. 

h/t: Seth Godin

You're not empty. You're just waiting.

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I did some rearranging over the weekend at the house (thanks to my wife, mom, daughter, and sister for the extra sets of hands). As I was moving things I came across this collection of vases:

They're empty now, but not for long. Spring is springing in these parts and soon our yard will be flush with hydrangeas and other colorful blooms.

Of course, if I'm just judging them on their performance and usefulness at a single point in time - March 21, 2015 - these things are useless. They're empty. Nothing for them to hold. Just taking up space. Not offering much. An eyesore. Boring.

But they weren't born to be empty. And soon they'll be full. They're just waiting.

I think maybe you are, too. You may be in a season of empty right now. But not for long. Just wait. Your spring is coming and you'll be full again.

What School Is

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My daughter starts kindergarten this fall. Finding the right one for us has been a process and we're excited about what's next for her. 

One thing I've been reflecting on during this is the difference between school and education

You can get a degree, but not an education.

And you can learn, even without going to school.

Photo by Jupiterimages/Stockbyte / Getty Images

Photo by Jupiterimages/Stockbyte / Getty Images

The challenge for all of us then is to chase education first. The degree will come.

If you chase the degree, you may learn nothing. A degree is not proof of education; it’s proof of attendance and payment.

Education happens because you will it to. Because you show up. Because you ask. Because you try. Because you fail. Because you then try again. 

So chase an education, no matter where you are or how old you are. It - and not a degree - is what makes you smart.