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The Why of the What

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For my entrepreneurial readers today, here are two ideas you might be considering on why you want to start a business:

  • “I have a billion dollar idea."
  • “I love delighting people with my homemade spaghetti sauce."

The first idea focuses on the outcome, what the ultimate result could be from your work. The second focuses on the inputs, what you give to your business that makes you happy and channels a deep passion. 

Both can be fine reasons to start a business. But only one of those is firmly in your control. And starting a company is hard enough just to leave everything to chance. 

Photo by OtmarW/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by OtmarW/iStock / Getty Images

Only the Best

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It’s easy to market yourself when you’re the only game in town. People don’t have other options, so you really don’t need to market all that much.

But beware. Only doesn’t last forever. 

Therefore, it’s better to say you’re the best. Of course, to do that, you need to be the best. To offer the best products or the best service or the best ideas. 

Photo by BananaStock/BananaStock / Getty Images

Photo by BananaStock/BananaStock / Getty Images

Then, it won’t matter that you’re not only. Because when you’re best, people get to choose. There’s no choice when it comes to only. 

Remember: you’re not in control of whether or not you’re only. A competitor can crop up at any moment. Then you’re out of the only game and thrust into a competition for best. So why not go ahead and start working toward that?

Even if you’re the only, you can also be the best. 

The Imperfection Pot

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I've been fascinated by this Imperfection Pot since I came across it last week. 

This description is killer:

This Imperfection Pot was made with a free hand which has resulted in the appearance of subtle flaws. Rather than ruin it, these imperfections are the key to its charm...

In the race for efficiency, perfection is sought. No errors. No screw ups. No mistakes. Make something, make it perfect, repeat.

That's fine for software or mass produced home goods, but doesn't apply to people. After all, when meeting someone or growing in relationship and community with others, you learn that like this pot, "these imperfections are the key to its (his, her) charm."

Perfect is not the point. Progress is.

You Have to Be Out of Your Mind

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In helping facilitate a class on entrepreneurship last week, I told the group: "You're all out of your minds. That's a central truth about starting a company."

And sure, you've got to be a little crazy to think your idea can work.

But you've also literally got to get outside of your own head.

When your idea only exists in your head or your heart, it doesn't yet stand a chance of success. You need to run some numbers on paper. Flesh out the business model. Set some deadlines. 

This applies whether you're starting a business or launching a new program at your college or workplace. When it comes to creation, your dream needs to live out in the world, not merely forever in the recesses of your heart. 

Your better tell somebody.

So please. Please be out of your mind. We need you to.

Go Make Something

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"Here’s a crayon," they probably told him. "Get to work."

And they thought he’d come back and show them a sunset or seascape he’d drawn on the paper they placed before him.

Instead he took those crayons and started carving.

No matter what tools you’re given, the act of creation is still firmly in your control.