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On a Deadline

Added on by Sam Davidson.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” (By reading online, this may have first been said by Napoleon Hill, but it’s been attributed to others, too.)

All of your dreams and ideas need deadlines. “Best by” dates so you can plan, test, evaluate, and decide what’s after that.

Without deadlines there can be no priorities. 

Dreams can expire, you know.

(h/t to my pal Rob for the kernel of this idea)

Collecting Mud

Added on by Sam Davidson.

I was so glad to be returning to trail running after several weeks, even though the recent rain made the running a little treacherous and incredibly muddy.

As I trudged along over branches and through the wet dirt, my shoes started collecting mud. It’s all part of the experience.

Until it slowed me down. Mud on mud on mud. I had to stop and kick some off before I could keep going.

Too often we’re all collecting mud in life. And it’s slowing us down. Why not take a moment this week to stop and get rid of some of it?

Kick off that negative self talk. Let another’s criticism of you go. Get rid of doubt that paralyzes, fear that stereotypes, or relationships that don’t bring out the best in you. Why travel with all this extra weight?

Shake it off. You’re going places.

The Upside of Jealousy

Added on by Sam Davidson.

What do you wish you’d done? What is the work you wish you had accomplished?

My pal James is fond of (playfully) telling people he hates them when they impress him by coming up with a great idea he wish he’d thought up or sharing a compelling story from the stage he longs to emulate. 

He’s jealous in those moments, but in a healthy and admirable way.

So are the staff at Bloomberg who produce their annual “Jealousy List” of articles they wish they’d written. It’s high praise couched in a phrase that catches our attention due to its taboo. (In other words, I’m jealous of the idea of a “Jealousy List.”)

But what is it you’re jealous of? Who is doing great work you wish you could copy or be on par with? Who is killing it? What do you long to be a part of, create, or manage?

Make a list. Not because you want to copy it. But because you want to do your work and reach your audience in an equally authentic and superb way. 

Don’t copy someone’s work. Copy their work ethic. 

My Daughter May Not Go to College (and why that's okay)

Added on by Sam Davidson.

My daughter begins kindergarten this fall. I'll admit - taking her to the first welcome event a few weekends ago left me teary. Especially when I saw the “Class of 2028” name tag. 

Therefore, you can understand my identification with the author of this article, wondering if college is (or will be) worth it for his daughter. Given the recent rapid advances in education (which is different from school), who knows what college will look like come the fall of 2028? 

Having cobbled together my own career with all the raw materials you’d expect a major in history to offer, I fully expect that the career path my daughter trudges will be even more open, ambiguous, and free for the making and taking.

These days, she’s into art. Big time. If you ask her what she wants to do to earn a living, she’ll tell you that she wants to do art. And that may well be what ends up happening. 

But what I’ll be encouraging isn’t the following in the footsteps of others, be it a path full of art degrees, painting classes, or online learning. I’ll simply remind her that she can hack her way through the jungle of personal and professional fulfillment, one brush stroke or glue dab at a time. And there in, she’ll be learning by leaps and bounds, costs and time be damned. 

Better Speaks for Itself

Added on by Sam Davidson.

No company ever shut down because it was making its products better.

No one went out of business because it was offering better customer service. No fraternity was kicked off its campus because it made the college better. 

I’ll assume you don’t want to make things worse for your clients, customers, or community. But I’ll also remind you to not stand still. 

Chase better. 

Photo by Marek Uliasz/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Marek Uliasz/iStock / Getty Images