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#018: Chase the Moment

Added on by Sam Davidson.

Last weekend, I went to an event for a local nonprofit. I expected to just make a quick appearance and stay a few minutes. But once things got underway, we realized: this is a bit better than we expected. So we stayed.

We chased a moment. Schedules and calendars and plans were shelved and instead, we stayed put so we could soak in that which was right in front of us. 

As a leader, one keen insight you can bring to your work or your team is to recognize when a moment is happening. When someone who is normally quiet is speaking up. When a customer needs extra attention. When you have a chance to take a stand as an organization. When everyone is enjoying themselves and buying into the mission. 

And when you find yourself in the middle of a moment, stay put. It's special. Paperwork and spreadsheets and conference calls can wait.

It's hard to schedule moments. You have to let them happen to you.

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