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#020: Decisive, Not Divisive

Leaders decide. And when they do, even if their decisions upset, they don't divide

Uncertainly can make people nervous. Thus, a core trait of a leader with heart, mind, and soul isn't just to make a decision, but to then articulate that decision in a way that unites the team or company, rather than drive people away from each other.

I was reminded of this while reading Skyfaring by Mark Vanhoenacker, a brilliant book about flying by a 747 pilot. In one section, he's talking about landing an airplane and how the jet's computer will begin relaying descending altitudes upon approach until a critical moment. At this juncture, the computer will voice the word "DECIDE" to prompt the pilots to either proceed with the landing (if all is well) or pull the gear up and go around for another try. 

Leaders certainly face these critical moments, too, but such decisions may not be as tenuous as landing a jet full of people. However, every decision a leader makes is a chance to unify a group of people for the common good.

Leaders decide; they don't divide. 

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