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2nd Tuba

While watching a college football game halftime show, I found the 2nd tuba player in each school's band.

One band was large and had probably a dozen tuba players (tubaists?). Being second tuba is important, but given that the entire band had over 150 players, a missed note may not be a big deal.

The other band, by contrast, only had two tubavores. So if you're second tuba over there, you're also the worst tuba player in the bunch. Then again, in a band of 25, your tuba is still very crucial to the group's sound all the same.

When you're in a particular setting, on a certain team, or asked to be part of a new project, be sure to assess your surroundings. I bet you're skilled and can contribute in important ways. But if all you think of yourself as is second tuba, then you may miss the potential of your impact on the whole.

Just get to playing, already.

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