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5 Thoughts on Paying Your Dues

Generation Y (Millennials) hates paying their dues. I was going to link to an article to prove that to you, but just Google "Gen Y paying dues" and you'll see there are about a million people weighing in. 

And while I don't fault anyone not wanting to do work that's meaningless, I do think that the idea of paying dues is rife with assumption. So, in order to set the record straight on due-paying, here are five ideas on why we've all got to pay some dues now and then:

  1. A lot of people don't want to pay dues. Meaning, they don't want to do work that is hard, difficult or without glamour. So if you're willing to sweat a bit, you'll immediately stand out. 
  2. Dues are subjective. One person's coffee errands are another person's strategy session.
  3. Everything has dues - Rotary, your gym, your social circle. Clearly, not all dues are bad and many are necessary to the survival of the group or organization. 
  4. There is a difference between paying dues and being hazed. Work hard, but know when you're being taken advantage of.
  5. All dues should better the group as a whole, not just the person at the top.

Most of all, don't confuse being asked to work with the notion that you're paying an unfair due. Understand the job being offered, work hard, and help everyone succeed. Let's get rid of the feeling of "dues" so we can all do what's needed to achieve success.

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