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A Programming Shift, a New Focus, and a Happy New Year

For those who have been loyal readers for a long time (I've been blogging for 10 years now), thanks. I appreciate your reading, your commenting, and your sharing.

I write today to announce a content focus for this blog, as well as my professional life.

I will now start writing exclusively about cats.


Because of the success I'm having speaking to college students and helping student leaders have an impact on their campus and the rest of the world, you'll notice a content shift taking place over the next few weeks. Very soon, my posts, podcasts, and videos will help students navigate their leadership journeys in order to have a deeper and better impact on their communities.

So if you're looking for social media tips, ideas to shake up the nonprofit sector, or how to better hack your email, I'm happy to recommend a replacement source.

I will, of course, still write about family and parenting and community.

Over the last year (and looking forward into this one), the opportunity before me to help students become better leaders is one I take very seriously (even when I don't take myself seriously). I hope to use the chances I have to speak on a stage and combine them with posts and podcasts here to enable students and those who work with them a chance to help others.

My hunch is that you'll find a lot of what I write about - leadership and service - relevant to your world, no matter how old you are. I'll bet that leadership stories, advice, and information is valuable to you, whether you lead a fraternity or you lead a farm (the similarities between the two are actually quite numerous).

Thanks for coming along with me this far. If you'll stick with me, I think we'll have fun while having an impact. And if you're new here, I'm glad to have you. Buckle up.