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Age Doesn't Matter

When I ran across this post from Dave Delaney last month, I immediately guessed that the people involved would be young:

You can be any age and make a difference

My assumption is based mainly on my past experience working with teens on issues of social importance. I've seen middle and high school students do inspiring things related to education reform, environmental action, and economic inequality.

But this story is one of 70-year-olds helping women escape the sex trade. Combining activism and digital commerce, the pair is clearly making a difference.

Sometimes, we have an age bias, and the first step is to admit it.

Again, most of the time I wade into this discussion, it relates to the younger set, demanding that Boomer and older generations listen to us, believe in us, and let us lead in ways that have an impact. But if I don't extend the same courtesies I'm asking for, based on an unfair assumption that older generations don't get it, are out of touch, or will never understand, my bias is pure hypocrisy.

Here's a post I wrote almost a year ago about why generations need to talk - have a real dialog - with one another (video included).

My grandfather is 93 and just bought a hybrid car.

People change. No matter how old they are.