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All the Great Ideas

I bet I have at least 50 really great blog post, book, speech, and business ideas. But I can't tell them to you. 

Not because they're top secret. Not because you wouldn't understand. Not because they're all illegal, immoral, or even boring.

I can't tell you because I forgot to write them down, type them out, or create a voice memo. And so, I've forgotten them.

The good ones seem to come back eventually. And maybe the ones I forget forever aren't meant to be. But I sure wish I remembered every one so I could at least test it out, share it with a confidant, or grow it into my next big thing.

It's silly that such a small thing could get in the way of the next big thing. It's also silly when any of these things stop your next great idea:

  • You talk negatively to yourself about why you can't pull this off.
  • Someone else is already doing it.
  • You need to cobble together a small amount of money to get going.
  • You think it'll be too hard.
  • Your favorite show is on.
  • You say you'll start tomorrow. 
  • You'll wait until someone asks you to do it.
  • It's never been done before.
  • It may require you to get up an hour earlier than normal.
  • You would need to ask for help.
  • Someone laughs at the idea.

Don't let a small thing get in the way of a big thing.

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