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And That, Too

What a great story about the time Leonardo da Vinci applied for a military job. After listing his qualifications for the position, he also adds that he "can execute sculpture in marble, bronze and clay. Likewise in painting, I can do everything possible as well as any other, whosoever he may be."

Oh yeah - I paint and sculpt a little bit.

Sometimes (many times), there won't be a job opening for the thing you truly love doing or have a real skill or passion for. And so you apply for what's available.

And when you do, make sure to include that thing you love or are great at doing. It matters. 

I'm currently conducting phone interviews for Batch's open position in Charleston. And as I get resumes and have these initial calls, I look for that extra thing - that thing that isn't on our job description but can add value by engaging that person fully. 

da Vinci may have excelled with this military position, but art made him come alive. We want people to work at Batch who are fully alive. 

Your side gig probably does that for you, and you're trying to imagine how and when your side gig can become your main gig. 

I don't think it'll happen when some company just happens to post a job that completely uses all of your passions and talents. It'll happen when you get in the door and then people inside see all you're capable of doing and being.

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