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Book Week 2010: Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner

Matthew Paul Turner has written a lot of books (17, according to his wife), but this is the first one of his I've read. And after finishing it, I really think I need to go and read some of the others.

Turner is a Christian author who writes Christian books, which means that if you're going to read one of his books, you're going into it with a load of expectations. If you're like me, you read far fewer Christian books than you used to, but not because of books like Turner's. His is not a lukewarm admonition to pray more or join a Bible study group. Thankfully, Hear No Evil is an honest portrayal of how music - all kinds - shaped his outlook on life and faith.

Journeying with Turner from a restrictive fundamentalist faith that comprised his childhood and teenage years to a Christianity that is bigger and deeper, the reader is taken on a voyage of songs and artists like  George Michael, Sandi Patti, Amy Grant. Even the non-music enthusiast like me can follow along with the transformation that's taking place.

Turner talks about wanting to make it big as a Christian artist, moving to Nashville, and idolizing certain performers. He talks about it all in a way that anyone can relate to, and his one-liners made me laugh out loud. And, his account of an all-male accountability group is uncannily accurate.

The book isn't preachy, flashy, or hokey. It's honest. It's straight-forward. It's easy and fun to read. And whether you once wanted to meet Michael W. Smith or you simply are curious as to the events and circumstances that help our faith evolve, Hear No Evil should be a few hours well spent for you.

Want to win a copy? You can! Simply leave a comment below (or tweet it to me) about your favorite music star as a kid. I'll pick one random winner next week and send them a book!

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