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But Is It Fun?

Added on by Sam Davidson.

Go read this quick piece about Bill Murray and then wish to the high heavens that you run into him in life. When you do, your day will be changed in the best way. 

While the story easily focuses on his antics and hijinks, showcasing the ways he can liven up nearly any situation, a key takeaway was this quote of his:

He's talking about his acting and how that now shapes which roles he chooses to play. It's also worth noting that he has no agent or publicist, which may also keep things fun for him. 

But how often do you think about the fun that could be had at work? Or in your volunteer roles? Are the people you're leading having fun? Is fun a word that your employees or colleagues would describe working with you?

Not every second of the day can be a riotous laugh, but if no one is having fun, then it's time to shift. Or run into Bill Murray in a bar.

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