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Your Passion is a Compass, Not a Map

There's a lot of talk about passion, and rightfully so. I don't have a problem with this. I am fully convinced that the world needs more passionate people. Here's what we need to remember, though: our passion is a compass, not a map.

Be passionate, please. We all need you to discover what matters most and build a life around it. But, when you find this, don't expect to also be provided with turn-by-turn directions on how to live a passionate life. There is no user's manual for passion.

Your passion just points you in a direction. It's your true north. It tells you where to head, but doesn't give you any warnings about the obstacles that will get in your way. It doesn't tell you that you may spend a few years wandering aimlessly before you get set on the right course again. It also doesn't give you a time-frame, or let you know that your speed will vary. Some days you'll have the pedal to the floor in hot pursuit of what matters; on other days, you'll simply idle.

But on those days - and every day - all you need is a direction. You need a bold vision and a hope that what's on the horizon is better than your current situation. Thankfully, by simply pointing out into the future, our passion reminds us that our present condition in no way solely determines our final destination. Where we are now - thankfully - is not where we'll always be.

Head confidently in the direction of your dreams, however you get there.

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