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Complain less, work more

I'd like to expound here on a thought I shared recently via my Daily Dose (if you're not signed up for the Daily Dose yet, check it out - you get a short idea sent your way each morning to kickstart your day).

This thing we often do called complaining - it takes massive amounts of energy and time. We see something we don't like and while it's perfectly fine to get angry, get mad, and get loud, unless we complete that process with getting busy, we probably haven't done much.

I don't like seeing the critics come out en masse so often these days. No matter what the cause or effect, it seems like it's easy for us to complain. We think that because it only involves a tweet or a post, the effort expended is minimal. Therefore, we keep it up, this critical commentary, instead of getting to work.

What would it look like if we got to work instead of got to complaining? Or if we spent time and energy rounding up resources, talking to smart people, and trying to work together? Could we finally work past our complaints and find a place where we see progress?


Complain about this post all you like in the comments. Then, get to work.

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