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Concern vs. Expertise

Do not mistake someone's concern for their expertise. And do not mistake someone's expertise for their concern. A consultant is paid to be an expert. They're not to worry with your feelings. You brought them in to offer opinions and advice, not to make you feel good. The same may be true of a mentor, boss, role model, or board member.

A friend or family member is there because they love you. They care about your problems and want to see you be happy, successful, and at peace. They are not a shoulder in tough times because they've been through what you're facing (this may be the case in some particular instances, but not always). They are there because they want to be and they genuinely care for you.

Seek both concern and expertise in any situation and seek the right people to give each. You'll be happier and you'll know what to do. Just don't confuse the two.

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