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Create Something Beautiful

I have no need for an hourglass, but after watching the above video, I've never wanted one more than I do right now. In three minutes, I witnessed the skill, care, and craftsmanship that goes into making one of these works of art - and they are works of art.

Have you ever wanted something like that? Something so fearfully and wonderfully made that it makes you smile just thinking about it? Something that when you see it, hold it, or share it makes you better for simply touching it or telling someone else about it?

Have you ever made anything like that?

It can be easy to point to craftsmanship and beauty when created by someone else and sold online for thousands of dollars. It's another thing entirely to think ourselves capable of making something in that image. Negative self-talk sets in and we think that art must be left to the professionals, that our words or images or creativity isn't worth the money someone else would need to pay or the time someone else would need to take to fully enjoy it.

Stop talking. Start making.

You were born to make something beautiful. There is a product, a company, an idea, a hope, a dream inside of you - planted there by your deepest longing - and only you can spend the effort and energy to bring it to light. You may not have a three-minute documentary filmed about your creation process set to a delicate piano score, but you must create as if you were. Make things that are worthy of having films made to honor them, people excited to talk about them, and tribes of people devoted to enjoying them.

Your time on earth is too short, your hands too fragile, your energy too finite, and your dreams too important to spend time making worthless tchotchke crap that is a poor imitation of the authentic reality you can make if you simply set your brilliant mind and artistic talent to work. There is a reason plastic hourglasses that come with boardgames cost pennies on the dollar and an IKEPOD hourglass will run you north of $11,000.

It's not merely the cost of raw materials; it's the pricelessness of raw passion and unbridled dedication.

(Hat tip to Kottke.org for sharing the video first.)