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Don't Ignore Those Soulful Moments

I've found the moments of soul in our lives tend to sneak up on us. It can be hard to pencil in "Soulful, meaningful moment" at 3:30 PM on a Thursday afternoon. 

I had one of these last Friday. I went to a pop-up holiday boutique at Curvy Yoga. It was a chance for local makers to showcase their wares and crafts.

While there, I saw Anna Guest-Jelley, one of the most soulful and genuine people I know. Her work and mission are changing the world in a great way as she looks to demonstrate that yoga is for everyone. She's not just teaching yoga; she's ushering in a wave of body acceptance.

As Anna and I caught up, I got to see her studio, the actualization of a morsel of in idea years in the making. I know this because Anna and her idea were one of the very first clients we ever had at my first branding company. As three of us sat in a borrowed room with Anna back in 2010, we listened to her dreams for what Curvy Yoga could become. She sat there with us and told us about her journey and what she perceived to be her destination.

I'm thankful that we got to help her some along the way. Clearly, her passion and work ethic have contributed mightily to her success. Any nudge we gave way back then merely helped validate and confirm an idea whose time was about to come. We played a very small role in a cast of others who also encouraged, shared, hit the mat, and helped tell the story.

And so there Anna and I stood in her studio, surrounded by people she knew and whose dream morsels she was cultivating and nudging.

'Tis the season to nudge, I think.

I got to bask in some of Anna's success last Friday. The moment was good for my soul. I'm learning what types of moments are good for my soul. And even if soulful moments sneak up on us, recognizing them when they arrive is important. You don't want to miss one of these special occasions because you need to vacuum your car or heat up some leftovers.

Soulful moments are rare. The other reason we can't plan them out is because then we'd hoard them. Soulful moments aren't meant to be kept; they're meant to be given. To be shared. To be divided and divvied up among others who are expecting to find them. 

This time of year, I hope you're on the lookout for these kinds of moments. But then, I also hope you can recognize these moments any time of year. I want you to see them, share them, and help others find the unexpected beauty in the everyday.

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