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Dream Jobs Take Weekends

Here's the truth that a lot of folks don't usually share when talking about entrepreneurship, passion, success, and freedom:

Dream jobs take weekends.

If all you really want is a 9-to-5 (and there are lots of great reasons to want this), then I bet you can find it. But if you need to create your dream job, then I've got some honest news for you: dream jobs take weekends.

Maybe it's staffing a booth at the expo on a Saturday, being there to open the store on a Sunday morning, working on a business plan while SNL plays in the background, or balancing your numbers one weekend afternoon. Whatever the work needing to be done, you'll be doing it some weekends.

And if that upsets you or isn't in your plan, then you may not quite be ready for your dream job. 

But if you're willing to trade some Saturdays for the work you've always wanted, then belly up to the table. You're in for the deal of a lifetime.

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