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Four Reminders About Your Passion

Looking to discover and live out a passion? Remember:

  • Your passion is like your best friend; it will change over time. Your third grade BFF may not be so much B or F or F anymore. That's okay. Life is dynamic; what you love today may not be what you love in a decade.
  • Passions are like pancakes; three or four are great, but any more than that and you'll want to throw up. If it's not in your top three, ditch it for now. You only have time to focus on a few passions with your one precious life.
  • Your passion is a compass, not a map. It doesn't offer turn-by-turn directions. It merely points you in the direction you must go, obstacles be damned.
  • Your passion doesn't have to become your job. In fact, turning your passion into your profession could make you loathe it. Treat it as a precious song or work of art; get as much of it as you can stand and then let it rest. Savor it.

What would you add?

Any helpful reminders about passion you'd add?

And, if you want more insight like the above, check out ways to discover your passion in my newest book, Simplify Your Life.

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