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Giving Speek a Look

If you host or jump on a lot of conference calls, you need to give Speek a look. This newly launched beauty is a better way to conference, especially if you or other members are in front of their computers while the boss drones on.

I just started using Speek this week to record my podcast interviews (check out some of these gems in the coming weeks). So yes - Speek can record your calls easily and archive them online so you can go back and see who said they were going to do what and when it was going to be done.

A few other highlights worth mentioning:

  • Speek conference calls are easy, free and visual.
  • Speek created a way to do conference calls with a simple link (ie., speek.com/YourName) rather than fumbling around for a dial-in phone number and PIN. 
  • One-click access to join a call; no downloads. This is awesome as I simply call (via the online interface) other participants and boom! They're on the call when they pick up.
  • Participants can click the link to start or join a call from any device or platform (i.e., desktop or mobile browser, VOIP, SMS, you name it. Speek has free iPhone and Windows Phone apps, with Android coming soon).
  • Speek conference calls are visual so once you're on the call, you can see who’s joined, who’s talking, view social profiles, and comment, mute and add/remove participants.
  • Speek PRO for $10/mo allows for unlimited callers, and gets you extra features like file sharing and call recording.

Again, I'm a fan and I'm just checking it all out. Give it a shot yourself and let me know what you think.

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