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Guys Like Me

Ideas are great, but action is always more valuable. And when it's time to start putting up (or shutting up, even), guys like me don't start companies with guys (or gals) like you.

It's not you, it's me. Well, truthfully, it's kind of both of us. 

We're too alike, you and me. I think we have the passion and we've definitely got the talent. But we also have the exact same skill set. 

And start ups don't need duplicate efforts. They need complementary skills. Two pilots and no navigators mean we won't get very far after take-off.

I tell stories. I sell. I plan. I dream and proceed. I grow. You do, too, and that's awesome, but two of us don't need to be doing that at this early seed stage. 

I've taken this step before, starting a company or launching an idea with two great, ambitious types at the top. Something's gotta give eventually and we both won't be able to stay the course. 

So, instead of doing this together, one of us can take it. The other can dream again and the two of us can run parallel, entrepreneurial lives, cheering one another's success and telling the other's story to people in our world. 

It's better this way. For our idea's sake.

Upon launch of an idea, don't duplicate. Complement.

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