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How Are You Choosing?

Happy December. 

You have 30 days to pick out some promises to make to yourself and the world for next year. But before you do, let's back up and step and decide how we'll decide those things.

I loved this advice from the late Leonard Nimoy, about choosing:

"We are the curators of our own lives. Curators make choices. Like when I was 21, 22 years old, I was selling vacuum cleaners, and probably making $125 to $150 a week. But when an opportunity came along to act in a play in Hollywood making $50 a week, I took it readily. That’s a curator’s choice. I felt my selling vacuum cleaners wouldn’t do anything for me as an artist."

That's wise. Choosing like a curator looks different than choosing like an accountant or choosing like a vagabond or choosing like a CEO or choosing like an entrepreneur.

So - before you choose - how will you be choosing in 2016?

I'll go first: 

In 2016, I'll be choosing like a student.

Next week, I'll share here four big goals I'm going to work on in 2016. I've been mulling these over for nearly a month now and they're nearly ready to share with the world. What I've realized is that all of these choices will require me to learn a lot next calendar year. So, many of my choices in 2016 will require me to decide like a student.

Share your thoughts on choice via the comments. I'm curious to hear how it is you choose.

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