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How Do You Think?

Added on by Sam Davidson.

We often start conversations or try to get to the heart of a matter by asking, "What do you think?"

That's a great question for sure. 

And here's another one: How do you think?

When I worked for a hotel, they wanted us to "think like owners." Meaning, ownership is intimately concerned with the bottom line. Owners often get paid only when there is a profit, so encouraging employees to focus on said profit means that owners get their investment back. Not a bad strategy. 

So how do you think? Do you think like an owner

Or a mechanic, concerned with how it all works?

What about an artist, creating something out of blank space?

Or a doctor, looking for the root problem and then a remedy?

Maybe a scientist, searching for an explanation and a theory to move forward with?

A lover, looking for romance and relationship?

An author, bringing out the story in each situation? 

A parent, concerned with growth and care of others?

A pioneer, blazing trails and leaving paths?

Yes - tell me what you think. But then reveal to me how you think so we can start thinking together.

(That's the best way to think, really. Together.)

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