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I Dare You To Move

My friend and colleague Caroline remarked the other day how quickly the year has gone by for her, a consequence (and benefit?) of life at our start-up. "Welcome to this wild world," I told her, knowing that start-up life is often fast paced and anything but ordinary.

As it turns out, when we dare to move, to make a leap or take a chance, things move with us. Time speeds up. Progress happens. Things change. 

So, are you moving? 

Things move when we do. Sure, change happens without us, but when it does, we may barely notice, complaining that we never see or get in on the action. Getting in on the exciting action of possibility requires us to move. To shift. To sweat, hustle, try, and repeat.

There are those who sit on the shoreline with empty sand pails, waiting for it to rain so they can be filled. They don't even realize there's an entire ocean nearby, and all it requires is wading into the unknown to access more than they'll ever need.

Don't sit still this weekend, the rest of the month, or for the rest of your life. I dare you to move and experience all you were meant to be and do. 

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