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It's 2016

I've tried resolutions in the past. Since those seem so official (and everyone does it), I tried to just focus on a single word last year. That got cumbersome, too. So I thought a few months ago I'd just key in on four strategic goals for my life in 2016 and do something small or large each day toward them. 

But those started to seem daunting, so I backed off. All this coupled with the fact that I often don't like to put my big hopes and dreams out into this stark world for all to see means that despite the yearnings inside of me, I sometimes tell myself to step back a bit. 

Sure, my company has strategic and important things we want to accomplish in 2016. And I hope my life looks different at the end of this calendar year than it does right now. But I'm stuck as to how to declare all of this and with any such official-ness. 

So I guess I'll simply make a list - a list of things I hope I can do this year that will make me happy, bring peace to others, and maybe help a lot of us live a tad better. 

  • Send fewer emails but have more conversations
  • Write at least one thing down on paper, every day
  • Say how I feel
  • Make dinner last longer
  • Get outside every day (walking to my car doesn't count)
  • Work on underscheduling myself
  • Care less about the news (and not care at all about celebrity news)
  • Banish gossip
  • Try to understand, no matter what
  • Be ok with being ok
  • Honor the past and help others do the same
  • Look to the future (but not too much so as to miss what's happening now)
  • Make fewer lists
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