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Judges judge. What do you do?

"What do you do?" 

Ugh. What an uninspired question that I'm sure you're hearing a lot this when meeting new people at holiday parties. (Or not, if your idea of a holiday party is drinking all the eggnog while wearing footy pajamas at home watching Love Actually and Elf on repeat.)

Some jobs (like, very few) do one thing. Judges (like Guinness World Records judges) judge. They have to adhere to rules. It's a record or it's not. Judge and move on.

But other jobs aren't so clear. 

What does the founder of a company do (what does she not do)? Or an artist? A leader? A principal? A storyteller? A designer or writer? 

Job titles are one thing; work is another. More and more, your title won't define your work. And truthfully, I hope it never does. Because when you find the work worth doing - and the work you were born to do - the title fades into the background of your passionate vocation. 

So when someone asks what it is you do, surprise them with the truth. Don't share a job title. Share your life's passion.

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