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Let Love Overwhelm

I officiated a wedding a few weekends ago. It was meaningful and memorable to be asked to do so for two friends. 

Like most weddings, people cried. Some fought back tears, and as they did, I wondered why that's our learned reaction. (I definitely don't think it's our natural reaction.)

Why do we fight back tears when we see two people desperately in love? Or why do we fight them back when we ourselves are the ones falling deeply? Why do we flex our stoicism in the face of love, joy, happiness, elation, or hope?

This week, let love overwhelm, even if it's to the point of tears. 

That's the point of love, isn't it? It's point is to shamelessly overwhelm you to the point where all you can do is receive what it has to offer. And tears are a very small price to pay for that rush of emotion and benefit. 

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