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Let Someone Make it Better

All of the ideas on this blog are free. There is no cost to read them and no cost to share them.

A friend recently asked if he could repost something I wrote on his blog. Post away, brother.

I do this freely, and was reminded of the benefit when listening to a recent interview with Seth Meyers, who is the new host of Late Night. When talking about being a writer on Saturday Night Live, where cranking out hundreds of jokes a week is the norm, Meyers said, “I have no problem if someone takes a joke or idea of mine and makes it better.”

Improvement. That’s what we’re all after - for ourselves, for our families, for our communities, for the world.

Share an idea and encourage someone as they make it better. Take someone’s idea and turn it into the best thing ever.

We’re all in this (improvement thing) together.

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