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"Let's go eat dinner at the airport."

You'd never suggest going to the airport for dinner (although people used to, apparently). 

You don't go to the YMCA to check out a book (but you can find a stack of magazines to browse). You don't go to Target to get a coffee (but you can in many of them) or to a hotel to buy clothing (unless there's a gift shop and you need a tie). 

Many places now have a single use, a reason we visit. Bus stations, diners, high schools, banks - we know why we go in each of these, even if we can do something else other than its chief purpose or offering.

But the places we tend to stay away from are those that are unclear on why we may visit. The best thing to do then, when it comes to your community center, store, or meeting, is to let people know why they should be there. Explicitly state the one thing they can do there that they can't do somewhere else.

Yeah, I could go there. But why?

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