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Like a (Blog) Rocket

My friend Bryan Allain is launching a new venture. I like the start of things, so I'm excited to tell you about his big dream. BlogRocket is designed to help you get your blog in gear. Or take off, really. Bryan is offering creative fuel for your growing blog and I think you'll like what he has to say on BlogRocket. BlogRocket was started to help fellow bloggers overcome their blogging frustrations and achieve their blogging goals. The site features a membership community and a 12-week Booster Course designed to help small to mid-sized bloggers increase their traffic numbers, hone their blogging voice, and develop a strong community.

A blogger since 2001, Bryan writes daily doses of nonsense & inspiration at BryanAllain.com. His writing has appeared in print in RELEVANT Magazine and COLLIDE Magazine and online at Stuff Christians Like, The Burnside Writers Collective, and The Daily Beast.

Just for joining the mailing list, you'll get his ebook that offers advice and insight on the Top 29 Frustrations bloggers face. You'll also be entered to win an Amazon gift card, but I think the ebook is worth tossing him your email address. Check it.