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Lucky or Good?

If your financial plan involves buying lottery tickets, then you're clearly hoping to get lucky. The more prudent path is to find a job and spend less than you earn.  

I've seen a similar mantra in business planning with new companies. Their idea of making it big involves some variation of "...and then we'll go viral and millions of people will buy our app." Again, this is betting on luck, which is a very fickle son of a gun. 

The better bet is to go all in with a good or smart business plan, something that involves you being good at something or very smart at something. Then, you can work hard, make the right choices, and spend the time needed to make your product, service, or idea really good.  

People want to buy, sell, and be around what's good. 

Besides, the best way to get lucky is to have something that's good in the first place.