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Maybe the Dream is the Icing

We all have big ambitions we want to chase down, big dreams we want to come true, and big plans we'd like to see happen. With each, we imagine the accomplishment will be the reward, that getting to the end of this journey will be the only sign of success and proof that this trip was worth taking.

But I'm starting to think that with any big project, the striving is its own lesson and reward, that what we learn while traveling is as valuable as arriving.

Find time this weekend to watch this short film. It's a "Dunkumentary" about a totally average white guy who wants to try to learn how to dunk a basketball.

I won't tell you how it ends, but what he gains while he trains to teach himself to dunk may just be as magical and important as throwing down is.

So set your sights high and work with all your might. And whatever result comes, know that benefits will abound throughout the process. Big goals do this to us; they're so massive that their disparate parts are life-changing by themselves.

And this is why big dreams are worth having and worth chasing.

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