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My Daughter May Not Go to College (and why that's okay)

My daughter begins kindergarten this fall. I'll admit - taking her to the first welcome event a few weekends ago left me teary. Especially when I saw the “Class of 2028” name tag. 

Therefore, you can understand my identification with the author of this article, wondering if college is (or will be) worth it for his daughter. Given the recent rapid advances in education (which is different from school), who knows what college will look like come the fall of 2028? 

Having cobbled together my own career with all the raw materials you’d expect a major in history to offer, I fully expect that the career path my daughter trudges will be even more open, ambiguous, and free for the making and taking.

These days, she’s into art. Big time. If you ask her what she wants to do to earn a living, she’ll tell you that she wants to do art. And that may well be what ends up happening. 

But what I’ll be encouraging isn’t the following in the footsteps of others, be it a path full of art degrees, painting classes, or online learning. I’ll simply remind her that she can hack her way through the jungle of personal and professional fulfillment, one brush stroke or glue dab at a time. And there in, she’ll be learning by leaps and bounds, costs and time be damned. 

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