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How To Say No - Part Two

Yesterday, I shared how to say no to someone or to an opportunity that won't add value to your life. Many times, we say yes when our heart's not in it, when an opportunity to serve arises that doesn't play to a strength, or out of sheer obligation. Doing so makes us unhappy because it takes away time that we'd rather be spending doing something we love. I shared five easy steps for saying no to someone in a way that is polite and will also ensure that you'll say no a lot less because people will learn what types of opportunities you're looking for. Then, they'll start to bring you the right ones.

As promised, here's a follow up to that post. Below is a simple email template you can use to send to people when asked to do something that will complicate your life, and not simplify it. Copy and paste as much as you like.

Dear (insert name here),

Thanks for your email yesterday about (insert offer or opportunity here). It means a lot that you think I have the skills to contribute. Unfortunately, I need to say no to this opportunity right now. This year, I'm only able to take on new projects that are directly in line with my strongest talents, which are (insert up to three talents or passions here). If you think there's a chance to use me in these areas, I'm all ears.

If you know someone who would like to serve in this role, use this next part.

I would also like to mention (insert name of person this opportunity would be perfect for) to you - have you two met? (Insert name) used to (insert offer or opportunity here) and could be a great fit for you. Just last week, (insert name) was asking me about ways to get involved. Would you like contact information?

Thanks again,

(Insert your name)

And there you have it. Start using this email when you'd like to say no and the person asking won't be offended and will be well aware of what opportunities to bring you next time. Once you start saying no, I've found that you'll be amazed at all of the perfect opportunities that start to present themselves.

Personal note: Both of these steps (how to say no and the sample email) are in my book, Simplify Your Life, which is on sale on Amazon for less than $10. The Kindle Edition is just $3.99. Pick up either (or both) for more ways to keep things simple (and keep you happy).

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