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On Efficiency

Added on by Sam Davidson.

Remember: Enjoyable and efficient may also be opposing claims.

Efficiency can be a fine metric, but it shouldn't necessarily be your only one. 

I mean, check out this cake from a can. You just spray it out and then in a few minutes, you have cake. 

Pretty efficient. And the taste seems to be fine. 

But what's lost is the experience of baking. Of measuring, stirring, and maybe even messing up. Cake taste sweeter when your time, sweat (not literally), energy, planning, and effort go into it. 

Efficiency is good in many ways, but your entire life doesn't need to be spent in its pursuit. 

Take your time. Prize enjoyment over efficiency and you may find a host of byproducts you can't get from a can, like meaning, learning, and belonging. 

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