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Some Things Can Only Be Learned on the Open Sea

Added on by Sam Davidson.

The safety of the shoreline is alluring. Everything there feels much calmer than the open sea. While the wind may blow against your face when your toes are in the sand, your stomach doesn't do as many flips when your feet are planted firmly on the ground. But if you stay in the harbor, you'll never know the feeling of what it's like to launch seaward. You won't get the feeling of being surrounded by deep, blue, crystal water. You'll never know the rush of being buoyed about, of scrambling to stay on top when competing forces look to bounce you where they like.

You can read a book or watch a movie on sailing, but you'll never know what it's like until you ship off. Same goes for relationships, starting a business, or making a difference. Some lessons can only be taught on the open seas, wearing nothing but a life preserver and a prayer.

Aren't those always the most valuable lessons anyway?

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