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Our Work/Life Balance is Missing Something

The problem with trying to define and then advise on the idea of work/life balance is that the term is lacking. Trying to compartmentalize every bit of who we are either into a "work" category or a "life" category means we miss many of the fine details of who we are and we may even overlook our reason for being. If you want to escape this downward spiral, add another word. For example:

  • Strive for a work/life/giving balance if generosity or charity is important to you. Single out philanthropy as an important part of who you are and schedule or prioritize it like you do your job or your leisure time.
  • Be someone who wants work/life/travel balance if adventure is calling you from many miles away. Save money for big trips just like you do for home improvements or clothes or gadgets.
  • What about work/life/family balance? If time with loved ones really matters, don't lump them in with all the other miscellaneous parts of your life.

Some other ideas:

  • Work/life/health balance
  • Work/life/community balance
  • Work/life/startup balance
  • Work/life/laughter balance
  • Work/life/art balance
  • Work/life/love balance
  • Work/life/nature balance
  • Work/life/learning balance

Put as many words after work/life as you want. No one said you have to just have two things to balance. Get rid of the scale analogy and determine what needs priority and focus in your life. Then, build your calendar around that to fit in what matters most.

What would you add?

What do you prioritize? What's worth pulling out of the life chunk and giving it its own place after work/life?

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