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Picking up Pieces

Last weekend I helped my daughter clean up and organize her room a bit. And I made a discovery: she's got a lot of Legos. 

I love these tiny blocks that interchange and can become whatever you like. (Fun fact: take six 4x2 lego bricks of the same color and you can combine them 915,103,765 different ways.)

Photo by Buenaventuramariano/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Buenaventuramariano/iStock / Getty Images

But I was reminded that as we go through life, we're all just picking up pieces.

Stuff all around us. The things we find. The relationships we create. The memories we make. These are all pieces that can accumulate and eventually form what we call a life and a community and a legacy.

The question is if we hoard or build - if we share with others and thereby make meaning of what we're finding all strewn about. 

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