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I Believe in Resurrection

On Sundays, when I write, I do so at length on some topic of religion, Christianity, Jesus stuff, or faith. Beware. I believe in resurrection.

I believe that hearts of stone can be resurrected into hearts of compassion.

I believe that communities of poverty can be resurrected into communities of prosperity.

I believe that hate can be resurrected into love.

I believe that despair can be resurrected into hope.

I believe that addiction can be resurrected into transformation.

I believe that broken homes can be resurrection into healthy families.

I believe that betrayal can be resurrected into trust.

I believe that failure can be resurrected into trying again.

I believe that brokenness can be resurrected into vigor.

I believe that anger can be resurrected into reason.

I believe that embarrassment can be resurrected into pride.

I believe that doubt can be resurrected into belief.

I believe that struggle can be resurrected into triumph.

I believe that regret can be resurrected into wisdom.

I believe that the dark night of the soul can be resurrected into the promise that only comes with the dawn.

I believe that the valleys of death's shadow can be resurrected into mountaintops of life's potential.

I believe that loneliness can be resurrected into community.


I believe that each of us is becoming something new and different than we were.

I believe that who we have been isn't who we're destined to always be.

I believe that the the temporary-ness of the present pales in comparison to the potential of the future.

I believe that things are not always as they seem.


I don't believe these things because some guy woke up in a tomb thousands of years ago. I believe these things because the story of God in Jesus captivates the best within all of us, forcing us to realize that if anything was possible then, anything has to be possible now.

Easter is about beginning again and the possibility that where we are today isn't where we will always be. You don't have to believe that a giant stone was rolled away once; but you do need to believe that whatever stone is blocking your fullest life now can be removed in an instant.

Resurrection isn't about resuscitation; it's about change.

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