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Safety is Relative

It can be just as risky to watch as it is to get in the game. 

Many people spend their entire lives wondering if they can or should take the leap - to leave their job, start a company, move to a new state, travel the world, propose, go back to school, quit school - and never actually jump. 

Jumping is dangerous, they say. 

But staying still can be just as perilous. Each of us has a different tolerance for risk and idea of what's comfortable when it comes to putting ourselves out there. We're each able to sacrifice, bet, and risk different amounts of money, time, energy and relationships in the pursuit of some big dream.

You don't need to push it all to the middle of the table and wager your livelihood on a half-baked idea. But every now and then, you do need to put some skin in the game, especially when your talents and passions collide and beg you to chase down that one great idea that's been percolating for a while now.

It's time to move. You'll be able to stand still again if you need to. 

(But my guess is that once you jump, you'll love flying so much that keeping your feet on the ground from then on will become the riskier bet.)

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