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Sage, Mentor, Muse

If you're hoping to accomplish some very big goals this year (or any year), you'll need three people in your life to help you get there. A sage, a mentor, and a muse will give you the input you need to make those tough and important decisions.

A sage

This is who will give you wisdom. They can be dead or alive, someone you know well or will never meet. They are the one who can shed light with a proven perspective. They're smart, both intelligent and street savvy. They know what they're doing and what you get from them is insight that has been tested in the same crucible you're in.

A mentor

This is who is where you want to be. You'll want regular interaction with them. They may not (and maybe should not) be a close personal friend, but they do know you well. A professor, boss, or coach makes for a good mentor. They've been down the path you're just beginning and have a job or lifestyle that you'd like for yourself. They can honestly answer your questions and will also correct you when you stray off course.

A muse

This is who inspires you. Again, they can be dead or alive, someone you know or someone you can't meet. Their quotes, art, or stories uplift you on bad days and help you celebrate on good ones. They may have nothing to do with your chosen field but when you read their writings or hear their tales, you have a renewed energy and passion to do something great.

Stock your life with one of each and you'll be on your way to great things.

Who is your sage, mentor, or muse? Share in the comments below.

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