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Summer Hours

This time of year, we seem to be keeping summer hours at my house. We'll stay out late to watch some fireworks or finish a movie. Go another lap around the block because the sun's still out. Skip bath. Play barefoot on the playground (and even go to Target that way afterward). 

We need summer hours and summer habits in our lives. We need these practices that are far from ordinary and offer us the chance to make a memory. We need a break from business as usual. 

These breaks in our routine can actually rejuvenate our routine when we return. So, take off an afternoon. Hold staff meeting in a different part of the building. Buy your team lunch. Learn a new part of the business. Launch a new product. Brainstorm new taglines. Dream a bit. Get dirty. 

Summer hours are great, but they can't last forever. And there's nothing better to keep us warm in winter like a summertime memory. 

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