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The Blame Race

Refuse to be a runner in the blame race.

I was supposed to go to India to speak next month. I sent off for my visa, using a reputable visa service company. As I tracked everything online, it looks like it was all processed in a timely manner, but upon the visa's return (along with my passport), the delivery company lost the parcel. The package was noted as delivered, but I never got it.

Maybe someone stole it off my porch. Maybe the delivery service lost it. Maybe it went to the wrong house and now someone is headed to India under my guise in a few weeks. Regardless, I had to cancel my trip, report my passport as lost, and get a new one.

When I got a follow up email from the visa company, I answered the survey questions and noted I'd never use them again. After all, I didn't get the product I paid for. 

The visa company called and asked if I'd change my mind. I relayed the story (which they already knew) and then the person said, "Well, it's not our fault you didn't get your passport and visa back. It's the delivery company's."

Ah, here we are. The blame race. 

This is a circuitous race to the bottom. "It's their fault." "No, it's THEIR fault." "It's not my fault."

And meanwhile, nothing has been fixed.

Blame is not a strategy. 

Instead of blaming someone for the error, fix the error.

Correction and service shout louder than blame.

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