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The Challenge of the Creative

If you're an entrepreneur, creative, freelancer, consultant, or leader, the biggest challenge comes when your To-Do list is complete.

What do you do next? This is the most important question for the creative. The answer can determine a decade's worth of output.

Answer wisely and you'll be set on a course that energizes you, creates income, inspires others, and enlarges your platform.

Choose foolishly and you may wander in a wilderness for years, stuck until you have another chance to answer that question again.

What do you do next?

Ask it as many times as you like; the only way to determine the impact of your decision is to start doing.

Read a book. Write a book. Dream a bit. Go for a walk. Clean up. Draw. Sing.

Just do it.


And if it doesn't work, scrap it and do again. The creative must be always on the move.

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