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The End of Silly

"I've got a silly idea..."

"Here's a crazy thought..."

I bet you've opened a conversation this way, or blurted out something that came to mind with either preface above in a staff meeting. You've got a wild notion and in order to have it taken somewhat seriously, you decide to offer up a disclaimer so that those listening can honestly critique without regret.

Stop doing that. 

The age of silly is over. 

Once upon a time, someone wanted to build a theme park full of waterslides. And someone else wanted to build a waterslide roller coaster. Read this full article to learn about them. 

Silly is only silly to those who may lack vision. And without vision, silly doesn't become normal. 

Your idea for a career is not silly.

Your notion for what makes a happy family is not crazy.

That new product line isn't silly. Neither is your marketing idea nor your mission statement. 

Silly only stays silly when it's not followed by action. 

So, go nuts. Then, get busy.

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