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The next two weeks are up to you

Judging from Facebook status updates, tweets, and emails (both the lack thereof and the auto-replies coming in), today is the last day until January 4 for you to get something done. Or is it?

Everyone's rejoicing that today (or maybe Monday) is their last day in the office until 2010. They're scrambling to tie up loose ends, process payroll, and return messages. Then, they'll go shopping, traveling, eating, and holiday-ing.

So, if you were hoping to pick someone's brain next week, or find a time to meet the week of the 28th, sorry. No one's home.

This means you have a choice. You, too, can take off and enjoy the downtime. You can catch up on sleep, reading, movies, or your hobbies. Your engines will idle until 1/4/2010, when it's business as usual. Then, you can sprint until Memorial Day or Labor Day or Thanksgiving or this time next year.

Or, you can use next week (and the week after), to get ahead. To do research. To plan. To brainstorm. To dream. Then, on the 4th, when most other people are swamped with emails and meetings, you'll be selling, writing, marketing, and making things happen.

This is your new two-week notice. You can kick back or pull ahead. It's your choice - and yes, you have the choice.

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