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There's a Plan for That

Planning takes the best of our intention and a dash or two of optimism, shakes it all up, and then provides us with a tentative guide as to how we should proceed. 

But how far out should we plan?

Do we need the next five years of budgeting for our business? Do we need to write down with our spouse when we'd like our kids to be born? Good grief - sometimes we're not even sure what we're doing tomorrow. 

(In contrast, here's a plan for what will happen to Earth in 100 quintillion years.)

Planning is helpful so far as the plan has three elements:

  1. It's relevant to us.
  2. It's something we want to work towards.
  3. It allows for all the things that don't go according to plan.

So, plan away. But be ready for anything. The best plans are those that can be ditched at a moment's notice because a new pathway opens up.

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